July 10, 2012

Sticks and Stones

I clearly have an obsession with studs right now. I found this amazing store down Queen West that sells them by the pound and I simply couldn't resist. So now that I have them, I might as well use them. Here I am wearing an H&M blazer that I found in the back of my closet from forever ago. I thought I would bring some life back to it, so I studded the lapels. The shorts were actually a pair of old D&G jeans and since I have the longest legs possible I decided to cut them into shorts. The shoes are SWIMS. I purchased a pair of TOMS last month just for running errands and kicking around the city, but unfortunately they did not last as long as I would have liked them to. But these shoes are a complete upgrade, thats for sure! 

(Dom Rebel shirt. Buffalo belt. D&G shorts. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.)