August 7, 2012

Glamping Part 1/2

The past few days have been amazing. Full of sun, relaxation, laughs and good food. The water has been perfect! Nice and warm and perfect for relief from the hot sun. First night here there was a nasty thunder storm, but we managed to survive! Other than the one night of rain, it's been only sun from here on out. We had the pleasure to ride a small yacht out to Kill Bear Island and enjoyed the scenery and beautiful beaches. The water here is so clear you can see the bottom several feet down. Perfect for swimming. The scenery has been unbelievable. Despite the dry spell, everything is a lovely shade of green.

(matching shorts!)

Here I am wearing a a new favourite "glamping" outfit while we had our lovely adventure on the boat. I am wearing a navy Lacoste v-neck, and a great pair of AA shorts. Perfect for the transition between boat and beach :) Stay tuned for part 2/2