October 24, 2012

Pumpkins and things

I love the smell of fall. The familiar crisp smell of leaves and visions of blue skies. I am in the middle of reading week. I should be studying and catching up on my readings, but I can't bring myself to do it. In addition, work has been keeping me busy. Yesterday my dad celebrated his 80th birthday! Happy Birthday to him! I had the day off so I thought it would be nice to pay my family a visit. My sister and I drove to a little farmers market to pick up a pumpkin. We also wanted to visit an apple orchard to pick some apples, but to our disappointment... we're a little late in the season to do so :( As we were enjoying the scenery and fall foliage, we had an impromptu pit stop to take some pictures amongst the trees. The colours were breathetaking. Mother Nature certainly is quite the artist. Later in the evening, after a fantastic meal, and giggly with champagne, we carved our pumpkin. We thought we try something a little more untraditional.. Enjoy!

- Neil B.

Me and my sister :)


  1. You look so cool! xD


  2. Great outfit! and cute pumpkin :P
    Good luck for your blog :)