November 12, 2012

Leather Care

I love my leather jackets! I love the feel, smell and look of them. 

Believe it or not, leather jackets need to be looked after. Think of your leather jacket as your second skin (which it technically is). You yourself moisturize, tone, protect and care for your skin. The same thing goes for your jacket. When the cooler season rolls in, our leather can crack, dry out and possible tear. This is bad news for everyone, so to help you and your jacket out I've written out some step by step guidlines to keep your leather looking its best this season.

There are all kinds of products in the market to help keep your jacket soft, clean and supple. One of my favourite brands is Danier Leather's leather care kit. It comes with all the essentials and even a handy little bag to store everything in. In the kit you will find:
- a soft cleaning cloth
- cleaning wipes
- renewal lotion
- protector spray

Here is one of my jackets that needs some serious attention. A week ago I was sitting with a couple of my co-workers at lunch in the food court. All of a sudden the elderly women sitting to my right started to wipe something away on my jacket. She was so sorry but her friend who she was enjoying her lunch with had accidentally flicked some tzatziki sauce on my sleeve. Not a good day, but thats okay! Now I can show you how to keep your jacket looking amazing!

Here is the stain. yay (not really). First step is to take a cleaning wipe and remove the stain. It should come off very easily. You can also wipe the whole jacket down. Focus on high traffic areas such as the shoulders, elbows, back and cuffs. Next you want to squeeze some renewal lotion onto a soft cleaning cloth. I start on the back of the jacket in a "T" motion. Right across the shoulders and then straight down the back. Now you can rub the lotion right into the skin. After moisturizng the whole jacket I usually let it sink in over night. The next morning, in a well ventilated area I spray the whole jacket with the protector spray.

Now you're done! You'll notice that your jacket is much softer and supple. 

You can also see the stain came right out! yay! If you're not as intense about your jacket cleaning regime, you can even use an unscented baby wipe. Another industry secret from me to you. Happy cleaning!

-Neil B. 


  1. Great post, this reminds me I should clean my leather jackets too. :)

    x Angie

    1. haha thank you! Yes, I tend to forget too :P but when I remember it's totally worth it!

  2. Nominated you for a Liebster Award! Such an amazing way to connect with bloggers and great exposure! :)