December 15, 2012

Yellow Mellow

Well folks, I am oficially done school for the semester! Huzzuh! One more to go then I am a graduating man.... finally. It's crazy how fast a year can go by. 10 more days till Christmas, 16 days till New Years and 74 days till my birthday (ya, I went there)! Taking a moment to think about this really emphasizes the importance of time and how you use it. I am a firm beiever in being busy and never living a dull moment. Keep life exciting!  

Ooooh! Picture of my newest tattoo. It's small and super simple, but sometimes thats all you need.

"Infinity is a quality of being a characteristic, if you will, of neverending possibilities of manifesting yourself. Consider every minute descision towards any choice of action you might encounter in any given 24 hour period. Every instant brings with it innumerable choices from lifting a finger to moving a mountain and everything between."

 - Neil B.


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    1. Hey Fran! Thanks for the comment, love your style :)