April 30, 2013

[FAT] KOLLAR Clothing

Fashion & Art Toronto (FAT) is a week that celebrates all elements of design and art. This annual multi arts event is held every April featuring Canadian and International fashion designers and artists each year. The week includes displays of artwork exhibits, performance, music, fashion and film. 

I had the exciting opportunity to join forces once again with the talented team of KOLLAR Clothing. Each piece of the collection is made for the man with a bold personality. The pieces are simple and effective. A great addition to any mans wardrobe. KOLLAR Clothing featured their launch fashion show two years ago at a trendy venue in the heart of the Distillery District in Toronto. Now, KOLLAR is back with new looks, designs and fabrics and are still staying true to their roots.

It was a pleasure to be part of a dynamic team. I can't wait to see what they have next up their sleeve.

Photos by Michael Ho Photography

Spring/Summer 13 Kollar Clothing Runway from Kollar Clothing on Vimeo.

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