December 5, 2014

- KIT & ACE -

Kit & Ace. Bringing fashion, luxury and function together as one.

A new Canadian company has hit the streets of Toronto! Founded and designed in Vancouver, I am very excited to see Kit & Ace come to my hometown. Specializing in technical apparel, this is the new and ultimate taste of luxury. Instead of your typical cotton t-shirt, Kit & Ace has developed a beautiful line of Technical Cashmere basics. The best part is that everything is Italian Tailored which means you will be looking your best all the time. The cherry on the cake? All the clothing is integrated with smooth seams. Nothing in this store will rub you the wrong way. In addition to offering fantastic clothing, Kit & Ace hosts fabulous dinner parties!

I recently had the pleasure to meet the delightful team at my local Kit & Ace store and try (almost) everything on in the store. In addition to the amazing clothing they have to offer, the store itself is a piece of artwork! The amount of attention to detail that has been spent building the store is shocking! The space is small, but has a lot to offer.

Make sure you check out their website at! They also have a blog!

Thank you to Kit & Ace for inviting me to visit your beautiful store and try on all the amazing clothing you have to offer! 

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