April 20, 2016

Closet Essentials | Leather Jacket

I believe that a leather jacket is a must in anyone's wardrobe. This was my very first leather jacket that I bought years and years ago. The label says XS but I have worn this bad boy so many times over the years, it has transformed and moulded to fit me, kind of like my second skin. I have been on many adventures with this jacket and i'm sure we'll go on many more together. If this jacket could talk, oh boy I'd be in trouble!



  1. First 'm new here and have enjoyed a lot , I am the type who like to research on trends and adapt to my way . Keep up the good work and inspiring me , I wanted to ask for a hint about how to care leather jacket.
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    1. Hi Aini, Thanks for the comment. I love my leather jackets and I care for them like their my children haha The best tip I can give you is to invest in a good leather moisturizer and maintain your jackets life that way. A good moisturizing once a season (or more if needed) should do the trick. Enjoy!

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